With PMR’s online tools:

  • Competitively bid on end-of-life vehicles using its converter value by simply inputting a vehicle VIN or year/make/model.
  • Receive price estimates for your converter in 60 – 90 seconds.
  • Access over 30,000+ serial numbers for converter pricing information.


With PMR’s tailored solutions:

  • Receive quick payments without having to sell by unit.
  • Receive better returns by getting paid on the recovered platinum, palladium, and rhodium from your converters.
  • Hold your ounces and take payment for your precious metals when the market is right for you.


With PMR’s machinery:

  • Every ounce of ceramic and dust is captured – maximizing material recovery.
  • Experience unmatched quality control coupled with precision and expertise.
  • Receive increased profits.

Custom-Made Tools to Simplify Catalytic Converter Purchases & Acquisitions

No need for a converter specialist in-house. With our Supplier Services Platform (SSP), you have access to converter specialists at your fingertips, providing live pricing data, grading assistance, processing information, and much more. We are devoted to empowering you with the right tools, knowledge, and people so you can make informed decisions that will grow your business.


Understand what material is in your possession and how the PGM market fluctuates.

  • Metal prices
  • Price list
  • Master catalog
  • Ounce Calculator

Purchasing & Management

Have the confidence to buy competitively and profitably while managing your inventory.

  • Photo grading
  • Inventory box
  • Grading sheet


Track your material as it moves between processing phases and access your year-to-year converter statistics.

  • Lot tracking
  • Grading report
  • Invoicing
  • Charts

The PMR Process


Receipt / Grading

Shipment arrives at a PMR facility where it is counted and graded.


Cutting / Crushing

Material is decanned using PMR’s pioneering technology and crushed for analysis.


Commingling / Sampling

Material is commingled for proper sampling. Sample is collected for assay.


Laboratory Assay

Sample is analyzed with PMR’s in-house laboratory using XRF and ICP technologies.


Final Results

Payment is transferred after supplier request with a detailed invoice including gross and net weights, PPM results, and troy ounce recovery figures.

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