The PMR Way

PMR is the full-service processor that’s all about your success. We recycle your catalytic converters and extract every ounce of platinum, palladium, and rhodium they contain. This way you can unlock and benefit from the true value of your material.

We’ll help you tackle industry challenges and provide customized solutions that meet your needs. To dominate in converter recycling, understanding how tools, processing, and market timing contribute to your strategic success is essential.

Fast Turnaround

PMR delivers results and full settlements in 10-15 business days so you can keep purchasing without missing out on a high market.

Minimum requirements

A minimum weight requirement of 200 lbs for regular ceramic and 500 lbs for loose ceramic allows you to accurately detect and determine true returns for multiple locations.

Result by material type

Capitalize on processing methods that allow for true returns on each material type: ceramic, foil, DPF, aftermarket, and O2 sensors.

Take us with you

PMR’s digital purchasing tools give you live pricing assistance through photo-grading, and remote video grading helps you buy profitably and competitively.

Small Lots & Fast Settlement

Unlock your material’s true value without waiting months to accumulate 2000 lbs of catalyst material. Gain your material’s value and start dealing direct with PMR’s minimum lot requirement of only 100 OEM units or 200 lbs of ceramic.

With the industry’s fastest turnover rate, access your ISO-certified assay results in only 10-15 business days, with no extra charges for smaller lots. Sustain your current converter buying activities by shipping as you accumulate material and confidently grow your business with quick, secure payments. Receive separate assays either by location or category, helping you understand specific knowledge and information on the material you’re shipping.

Hedging & Tolling Opportunities

Whether you’re waiting for a market rise or to accommodate the financial requirements of your operations, PMR’s hedging and tolling options adapt to your business model. With no hidden lease rates or pricing information within our term agreements, you can easily make the right hedging and tolling decisions.

Toll your material and safely bank your ounces for 115 days without requesting a hedge or receiving payment. After 115 days, become agile on the metal market with the option to hedge one, two, or all three metals at available spot prices and receive quick, secure payment.

Quickly hedge and receive payment when you choose not to toll your material. Within 115 days, you can fully or partially hedge your material, depending on market opportunities, and be paid out by the end of your contractual period.

Tailored Support Teams

Gain tailored and consultative support from PMR’s dedicated team of professionals. With educational seminars, in-yard training, and personalized processing solutions, we help you analyse your material so you can make the most educated and informed decisions when it comes to hedging and selling your ounces.

Quickly access support for any of your processing questions and concerns through PMR’s HelpDesk team, whether it is to book a new lot, hedge, and/or request payment.

Unmatched Converter Tools

With PMR’s Supplier Services Platform (SSP), you gain access to a range of converter tracking, monitoring, pricing, and evaluation tools.

Gain insight on your converter business and expand your operations with inventory and lot tracking. Create accountable financial records with invoice tracking tools that allow you to understand and analyze your current operations. Raise the competitive edge at auction with PMR’s VIN/TRIM tool – view the estimated value of a vehicle’s converter and outbid your competition.

Confidently evaluate and purchase converters with extensive pricing tools such as photo & video grading, a price list, and a master catalog with over 30,000 assayed converters. Sharpen your competitive edge by using these tools and start stealing more market share!

Shipping Solutions

Gain economical shipping solutions for all your catalytic converter shipments through PMR’s trusted transport partners in North America. With simple and efficient shipping, you can track your lots as they move across state and/or country and confirm when shipments have arrived at a PMR facility. All shipments and material are 100% insured, door-to-door.

PMR automatically generates transport documents so that you don't have to. For North American suppliers a BOL, Custom Clearance Sheet, and Shipping Labels are automatically produced to make shipping more efficient.