Partnering with PMR

Meet our Team of Dedicated Catalytic Converter Specialists

At PMR, it really is a team effort. When one succeeds, so do we all, and we consistently hold ourselves to the highest of standards so that we may deliver the best service possible.

Over 100 different employees make PMR what it is.

Providing the best service possible starts with PMR’s team of devoted experts, each a master of their field and trained to help you through every stage of the process. Mindset, character, and transparency are what drive us as a team, and we believe that the foundation on which great business is built starts with the people who compose our enterprise. We understand that in this industry, there is beauty and comfort in putting a face to a name – here’s a look at some of the people you could be communicating with.

Christian Thibault

President & CEO

Chrysten Newton

Marketing Director

1-855-901-5050 Ext: 201

Ryan Carrafiello

Director of Corporate Accounts

1-855-901-5050 Ext: 333

Melissa Sullivan

Director of Supplier Services & Compliance

1-855-901-5050 Ext: 202

Justin Morselli

Supplier Services Specialist

1-855-901-5050 Ext:215

Valerie Drouin

Supplier Services Supervisor

1-855-901-5050 Ext: 221

Marc Joyette

Supplier Service Coordinator

1-855-901-5050 Ext: 217

Serlie Wartanian

Supplier Services Specialist

1-855-901-5050 Ext: 219

Joseph Venturella

Supplier Services Specialist

1-855-901-5050 Ext: 220