The winning strategy

The Winning Strategy | Catalytic Converter Returns

In a market that changes multiple times a day full of intermediaries with long lag times, how do you work smarter instead of harder?

The answer is much simpler than you think: partner with a processor committed to your progress. PMR will help you overcome industry obstacles and challenges with tailored solutions that support your professional needs.

Be ahead of the converter curve and level up by accessing what you DO need … a strategic partner that makes you better.
Dominating in converter recycling means understanding how converter tools, tailored processing and market timing all work together to enable strategic and successful results.

That’s only the start of what puts PMR above the rest, however; here are just some of the ways that we beat the industry standard:

Minimum Processing Quantities: Many companies in our field have requirements of large minimum processing quantities, otherwise, they won’t serve you. However, we at PMR believe that all recyclers should have access to their material’s true value; which is one of the reasons why we provide the lowest minimum material requirement in the industry of only 100 OEM units.

Settlements: There’s nothing worse than your money being tied up waiting for returns. Missing potential investments because of inefficiency is something we can’t stand for, which is why we guarantee the option of a full settlement on what you’ve sent us within 10 business days for ceramic material. Partner with us, and never miss out on an opportunity to re-invest your capital back into your business again.

Hedging: The market pricing options for most companies in the industry are limited. In contrast, PMR provides you with flexible hedging options for the potential of protecting your investment.

Support: PMR wants its suppliers to prosper as we do, which is why we offer several online tools to help with pricing, evaluation, and management. This isn’t just unmatched because we do it better than our competitors, because, in our industry, this support is effectively non-existent.

Market timing


Having difficulty getting pricing support? Use PMR’s purchasing tools to know what your material is truly worth.


Live pricing assistance through photo-grading and remote video grading helps you buy profitably and competitively.


Understand per unit national averages, access refined value ranges by serial numbers and inventory your converters by unit and value.


Keep track of your material as it moves through different processing stages and access your own personal year-to-year data.


At PMR, we provide you with tailored methods that better suit you. Instead of selling 1000 converters per month; sell 250 every week. Need to keep cash-flow regular? Need money fast? Stop waiting 40 days for your money! PMR settles you in 10 business days and offers up to 100% advance payment upon receipt.

Fast turnaround

Delivering quick results along with full settlement allows you to keep purchasing without missing out on a high market.

Minimum requirements

Small minimum material requirements allow you to accurately detect and determine true returns for multiple locations as well as pulled versus purchased stock.

Result by material type

Capitalize on processing methods that allow for true returns on each material type: Ceramic, foil, DPF, aftermarket and O2 sensors.


As the market changes, your converter’s value changes. Limited in your hedging options? Hedge 1, 2 or all 3 of your metals upon converter lot receipt or 2 weeks prior to delivery with history.

Live tracking

Track the fluctuations in live market prices as well as personal inventory values to lock in metal prices that fit your desired profit margins.

Buy and sell

The highest possible converter yields become consistent realities when you are buying and selling in the same market.


At PMR we aren’t just interested in receiving your converters, we are interested in helping you succeed at every stage of the converter recycling process. This is why we provide full settlement in days with the lowest minimum material requirements as well as purchasing and evaluation tools that enable you to evolve and progress.

You don’t need converter experts on site. Allow the PMR team to act as your in-house converter consultants unlocking opportunities that were previously seen as limitations.

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