Converter Recycling Processing | Catalytic Converter Returns

How does PMR exceed competitors?

That’s simple.

That’s simple. PMR has always believed in consistent growth and development to continuously outperform our competitors. That is why we invest heavily in research and technology to better evolve and progress with the needs of the market.

Our whole converter recycling process has been constructed by a team of converter specialists, with extensive experience in converter processing– our management team.

With a management team dedicated and oriented toward solving quality and efficiency problems, PMR has established itself as an all-inclusive processor of auto catalyst, accepting all material types including; ceramic, foil, DPF, aftermarket and O2 sensors.

All of these materials undergo three stages of treatment: processing, sampling, and assaying.

PMR uses its own specialized machinery, entirely engineered and built in-house to efficiently capture dust and ceramic and carry out our custom-made catalyst process involving the de-canning, crushing and comingling of material. Not only have we built machines for ceramic with state-of-the-art dust collecting and sampling processes, but PMR has also developed systems strictly for foil. PMR has revolutionized foil processing by using a shredding method which eliminates traces of lost PGM within the trash material.

Our second stage in the treatment process is what we call the sampling stage. This is where we extract a homogenous specimen from a given lot. Following substantial research and method analysis, we utilize industry-certified sampling practices to effectively collect samples for laboratory testing.

Assaying is the determination of Platinum (Pt), Palladium (Pd) and Rhodium (Rh) content derived from a given lot using both X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP) technologies.

PMR has invested in top-of-line equipment for our in-house laboratory, including state-of-the-art XRF and ICP systems perfectly calibrated to each material type for the best evaluation results, as well as humidity and carbon detection technologies. PMR employs experienced chemists to manage and conduct analyses.

The PMR Way

Whether it be our attentive supplier support (we always pick up the phone!), superior service offerings or deep consideration towards supplier feedback, we promise to always deliver satisfactory service.

As a full-service processor, we offer solutions for all material types, including; ceramic, foil, DPF, aftermarket, beads, and O2 sensors. We also accept decanned lots starting at 500 lbs, with the ability to process and deliver settlement within 5 business days. We consistently strive to go above and beyond for our suppliers, and all their catalyst needs.

Some of the many advantages you’ll benefit from when partnering with PMR include:

Small Lots:

With PMR’s innovative machinery, smaller lot sizes have become a reality, allowing suppliers who were previously forced to sell per unit or by grade to deal direct and retain the refined percentage advantage. PMR can deliver assay results for volumes starting at 100 OEM units with no small lot fee. 

While most toll refiners require an average weight of 2000 lbs, PMR is able to offer refined returns starting at 200 lbs of ceramic material at no extra charge, allowing smaller producers to deal direct and larger producers to gain separate assay results for their multiple locations.

Large businesses can now receive separate assays either by location or category, giving them access to specific knowledge and information on the material they are shipping.

Fast Settlement

With the fastest turnover in the industry, PMR has enabled businesses to become more agile by receiving quick settlements allowing them to not only sustain current business activities but grow their operations through increased buying with quick responses to market opportunities. 

Trusting PMR with your refining needs means having access to fully transparent results with detailed invoicing indicating parts per million for each metal, dust returns, and recoverable troy ounces. 

Final assayed results are made available within 10 business days for regular ceramic along with the option of 100% payment upon hedge. Payments are always fast and secure and are conducted through direct wire transfer.

Hedging Flexibility

PMR offers a range of hedging options for various delivery schedules. Hedge one, two, or all three metals during business hours according to the physical ounce delivery obligation.

Hedging precious metal ounces can be made available up to 10 days prior to receiving a shipment at a PMR facility and no reductions will be made on current world market pricing at time of hedge. PMR trades ounces in bulk quantities with various trading desks to ensure our suppliers are always receiving the best prices available for all three metals.

Shipping Solutions

PMR’s brokerage partnerships offer our suppliers not only the most economical shipping solutions, but also the most secure with all material being 100% insured during transport. PMR also supplies automated transport documents for simple and efficient handling.

Unparalleled Tools

Suppliers receive access to PMR’s online Supplier Services Platform (SSP), supporting all converter needs from tracking, pricing, monitoring, and evaluating.

These tools range from referencing functions such as an auto-updating price list to a photo-grading function for streamlined purchasing, to live access to lot invoices. Our SSP has aided numerous suppliers, helping them buy more competitively and manage their converter inventory more confidently.