Supplier Service Platform

The Only Catalytic Converter Platform That Scales With You

Get all the catalytic converter pricing and evaluation support you need in a single, intuitive interface. PMR provides all suppliers with complimentary access to their custom-built online Supplier Services Platform (SSP). Partner with a processor that is committed to growing with you.


Understand what material is in your possession and how changes in the PGM market affect its value

Metal Prices

Familiarize yourself with market patterns and gain a strong understanding of how metal market prices affect the value of your material. Metal pricing of Platinum (Pt), Palladium (Pd), and Rhodium (Rh) is updated every minute according to the PGM market.

Price List

Understand catalytic converter prices through our Supplier Services Platform price list, a reference tool comprising of over 60 current, per-unit converter grading categories, with prices updated every minute according to the metal market fluctuations.

Master Catalog

Gain instant catalytic converter pricing information through serial number identification, allowing you to reference refined value ranges and average assay returns of over 30,000 units that we’ve analyzed over the years.

Ounce Calculator

Acquire insight into your expected converter returns by material type when you use the ounce calculator. After three shipments to PMR, gain personalized statistics based on your company’s specific refining history and visualize your converter operations.

Purchasing & Management

Have the confidence to buy competitively and profitably while managing your inventory.

Photo Grading

Receive pricing information within 60 to 90 seconds by uploading a photo of a converter to this SSP feature. Incorporate your own personalized safety margins that encourages safe retail buying practices for all employees regardless of their converter knowledge.


Gain an instant estimation for converter prices at auction by entering the vehicle’s VIN numbers or by inputting the year, make, and model. Secure the available scrap metal and keep growing your operations with this quick and easy tool.

Inventory Box

Track your purchased converters or physical on-site material by creating virtual inventory boxes through your SSP platform. Secure, analyze, and understand your converter inventory progression on-site and/or for multiple locations.

Grading Sheet

Create your own grading sheets when buying units using your knowledge of catalytic converter value. No need to go pen-to-paper with time-consuming ticks and checks by category while running risks of miscalculating totals. Let our system do all the math for you.


Track your material through processing phases and access year-to-year converter statistics.


Track your converter shipments per specific material type as it moves through different phases within our PMR facility. Understand when your material is received at our facility and track when your assay results are ready to view.

Grading Reports

Access detailed reports by lot that indicate the exact amount of grading categories (aftermarket, DPF, foil, beads, and ceramic), as well as fullness count per shipment. Understand and analyze your catalytic converter booking and fullness accuracy.


Access live lot invoices as they become finalized with detailed gross and net weights, PPM results, and troy ounce recovery figures. Store your invoices in your personal platform for easier accounting and referencing.


Track your year-to-year ounce progression by month and create accountable visibility within your converter operations. Analyze your progression to establish your next strategy for upcoming converter acquisition.