What Can A Rapid Turnaround Rate Do for You?

turnaround rate

If you’ve taken a look at the market these days, you understand the importance of a rapid turnaround. It’s for this reason that PMR has built innovative processing systems – so that converter recyclers can benefit from a rapid turnaround rate of 10 – 15 business days. If you want to know what kind of turnaround advantages you gain by being a PMR supplier, check out the video below or keep reading.

Benefits of A Fast Turnaround

When you work with a processor who offers a fast turnaround rate, that means you get hedging and advance payment options that meet the financial requirements of your business. With PMR, suppliers with more than 3 lots of history can take advantage of those hedging and payment options that help them stay one step ahead. Let’s take a look.

Advance Hedging Opportunities

Getting a return on your investment quickly starts by having advanced hedging options. At PMR, we offer advanced hedging opportunities for suppliers who have a history of 3 or more lots. They can lock in their prices up to 10 days before their lot is in stock at a PMR facility. This helps them secure the metal market prices that meet their needs before the market changes again.

Advance Payment Options

Once they’re all hedged, suppliers have two options. First, they can request an advance payment of up to 65% of their hedge once their material has been picked up by a PMR truck. Their other option is to wait until their material has been graded, after which they can ask for an advance of 80% of the graded value.

PMR understands, though, that every recycler’s reality is unique. That’s why we to tailor these payment options and propose altered figures, depending on our partnerships. We do this to accommodate their business models and help them succeed in their unique recycling ventures.

Your financial needs and requirements are unique. That means your hedging and payment options should also tailor to your needs. It’s for this reason that having a processing partner who offers a fast turnaround rate is a strategic move that will put you way ahead of the game.

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Published: August 31, 2023
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