Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential with Your In-House Converter Consultant

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In the landscape of catalytic converter recycling, having a partner who cares about your business means succeeding every day. Partnerships with converter buyers or processors mean gaining an ally that wants to see you win, but what exactly does a true partner do for you?

This is where Ryan, PMR Director of Corporate Accounts, steps in. With decades of experience in converter recycling, he shares the kind of information and assistance that empowers his corporate accounts to succeed. If you’re ready to know what Ryan does for his partners, watch our video below or keep reading.

Understanding Your Tools

Comprehensive buying and tracking tools are indispensable, but understanding how to use them is just as vital. Your Supplier Services Platform (SSP) equips you with tools for competitive pricing, real-time referencing material, and inventory tracking. Ryan ensures you understand how to leverage these tools effectively.

Part of Ryan's role involves personalized training sessions at your yard to help your team integrate the PMR system seamlessly into your operations. His aim is to establish an accountable system that enhances your operational efficiency.

Compiling and Analyzing Your Data

With quarterly and annual reports, you get valuable data and insight that helps you compare and rank your facilities together. This allows Ryan to spot major red flags and report them to you directly, helping you attack the problem instantly instead of waiting months until the year-end review.

And it allows you to save time and money that you can better invest in your business.

For example, looking at booking accuracy, Ryan can examine what’s happening at yard-level, from counting and inventory errors to theft and over-hedging.

Another statistic that Ryan analyzes for you is dismantling efficiency. This means measuring the quality of dismantling from a location or certain employee. This might seem simple, but improper dismantling can lead to large sums of revenue cut from your monthly income.

This kind of data allows Ryan to uncover potential areas of improvement. This way, you can pinpoint which facilities are underperforming compared to your other locations and compared to industry standard.

Why Should I Have an In-House Converter Consultant?

An in-house converter consultant empowers you with essential information about your operations. This way, you can understand exactly how your converter operations can evolve and how you can keep maximizing your returns.

And minimize risk.

Converter recycling can be complex, but success boils down to adaptability and securing a partner that cares about your business.

For more information, talk to one of your representatives.

Published: February 13, 2024
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