Trailblazers Beyond the Finish Line: PMR's Journey in Catalytic Converter Processing

who is pmr

For more than a quarter of a century, PMR has chartered a course in the catalytic converter industry that knows no limits. As a leading name in the converter processing, we aim to empower scrap metal and automotive recyclers with innovative technology and knowledge sharing. Our mission is to make sure your business can elevate to achieve your goals and attain long-term profitability.

And over the years, PMR has become more than a converter processor. To see how we’ve transformed the industry like never before, watch our video below or keep reading.

Pioneering Excellence in the Industry

Our commitment to excellence propels us to confront new challenges head-on. Changing markets trends and conditions, we saw an opportunity to give recyclers a crucial competitive edge: speed.

Being fast on the market means hedging and getting paid for the market values that meet your needs. That’s why we became the first converter processor to offer lot requirements as low as 150 converters and a turnaround time of 10 – 15 business days.

When we created this new way of doing business, recyclers could ship lots as frequently as they wanted. For the first time ever, recyclers got a steady monthly income to buy more converters and invest in other departments of their businesses.

But our innovations didn’t stop there. We created the Supplier Services Platform (SSP), with all-inclusive pricing, referencing, and tracking tools that gives recyclers the ultimate edge. Let’s take a closer look.

Revolutionizing Converter Tools

Creating the SSP gave recyclers real-time pricing information and total visibility of their operations.

With buying and referencing tools, recyclers started using pricing information that changed with the market. This live pricing data allowed them to start making profitable purchases as the market developed and buy more converters.

Tracking tools gave them total control and security. It empowered them to track their material, access analysis reports, and maintain secure financial records, encouraging trust and accountability at every step.

Today, our platform enables suppliers to thrive in a competitive landscape. If the market moves, they’re right there with it, buying most profitably. When shipments leave, they know when it arrives at a PMR installation and when it’s finalized. They get total control of their inventory so they can maintain the security of their operations at all times.

A Visionary Approach to Processing Machinery

With relentless investigation and solution development, we’ve engineered groundbreaking solutions in-house. Our machinery significantly enhances the processing of ceramic and foil catalysts, ensuring that we maximize the recovery of platinum, palladium, and rhodium, capturing dust in the process.

Today, this cutting-edge technology allows us to cut out processing steps and slash down delays. With speed becoming crucial in today’s market, we want to give recyclers the sharpest edge. That’s why we’re aiming to create the first-ever 5-day assay turnaround in 12-18 months.

ISO Accreditation: A Testament to Excellence

At PMR, we know that our suppliers’ returns depend on the accuracy of their assay results. That’s why, in 2022, we became the first converter processor in the industry to get an ISO 17025:2017 accreditation. This accreditation holds our laboratory, our analysis devices, and our suppliers’ assay results to the highest of quality and precision standards.

A Vision of the Future

As visionaries inspired by those who challenge the status quo, PMR has more than a few projects down the pipeline. With state-of-the-art research and development facilities, we’re aiming for the first-ever 5-day assay turnaround to give suppliers faster payment and a sharper edge.

With dedicated development teams, we’re working to revolutionize buying and referencing tools for scrap metal and automotive recyclers. One of these projects aims to give automotive recyclers a brand-new car buying tool that keeps them on the razor edge of competition.

As industry leaders, we recognize the crucial role recyclers play in returning platinum, palladium, and rhodium to our global economy through catalytic converters recycling. That's why we’re committed to reshaping the industry to ensure recyclers have access to dependable and effective processing solutions.

For more information, visit PMR’s Resource Center.

Published: March 26, 2024
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