Christian Thibault: Leading PMR and Our Suppliers into a New Era of Converter Recycling

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At PMR, we know that having a vision of the future unlocks hidden potential. And with a leader who forges ahead, transforming the industry and helping recyclers discover new successes is easy.

But who is the leader behind the PMR name, and how has he helped his team innovate the process since day one? If you’re ready to meet PMR’s CEO, watch our video below and keep reading!

Leaders Aren’t Born—They’re Made

Christian’s leadership was built through years of experience in racing, automotive industry, and entrepreneurship. He acquired two business certificates from HEC University in Montreal before pursuing a career at Nova Bus and Bombardier, two multi-national transport manufacturing corporations.

His innovative spark and his tendency to keep forging ahead allowed him to climb the ranks and get promoted to management level positions. After a few years, his entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and Christian started a converter purchasing business, working directly with PMR.

In 2010, he joined the PMR team, developing business offerings, contributing to our brand, and becoming a shareholder. After five years, Christian was named Vice President of Sales and Operations.

Because of his unmatched leadership and innovative contributions to PMR and the industry, Christian was then named President and CEO.

Transforming the Industry

Christian’s experience gives him the ability to fine-tune strategy, pivot and realign objectives when the market changes, and build a team that strives to revolutionize the converter recycling industry.

This mentality is the fuel that allows PMR to develop the most cutting-edge technologies and keep improving our machinery. It’s how we keep offering the fastest payment options in the industry and the highest recovery systems, empowering recyclers to maximize their returns and make the most out of their nonferrous department.

What’s Next for PMR and Its Leader?

Innovation is our momentum to keep giving our suppliers the best possible solutions and returns. That’s why we’ve ventured into a new scrap car buying tool that aims to give automotive recyclers that extra edge and stay one step ahead.

We’ve also built a multi-million-dollar research and development facility to further decrease processing delays and increase efficiency. This new development will allow us to deploy the first-ever 5-day assay turnaround rate in the next 12-18 months.

For more information, visit PMR’s Resource Center.

Published: April 11, 2024
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