VIN/TRIM Revolutionizes the Way You Purchase Scrap Vehicles


Anyone who’s purchased end-of-life vehicles knows that it can be a challenge. But with a pricing tool designed specifically to help you buy cars competitively, this challenge becomes an opportunity. With VIN/TRIM, you can outbid your competition like never before. So if you’re ready to learn how VIN/TRIM can optimize your buying strategy, check out the video below or keep reading.

How Does VIN/TRIM Work?

Whether you’re buying vehicles on a lot or attending an auction, all you need is the VIN (vehicle identification number), or year, make, and model. Once you’ve entered the VINs or vehicle information into VIN/TRIM, you’ll receive a price estimation for that car’s converters.

More importantly, the prices you receive for the converters are based on current market prices. That means that you can adjust your bid and offer the most competitive price out there. And if that market changes, you’ll be right there with it.

VIN/TRIM is just a small slice of what an innovative processor can offer you. Because of our commitment to our suppliers’ success, we offer various pricing and referencing tools to help you optimize your business.

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Published: November 14, 2023
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