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Toll refining solutions- Canadian converter recycling innovation

Handling and processing catalytic converters

Helps Canadian Recycling Businesses Stay Competitive

Published by Canadian Auto Recyclers 12#1 2018, Page 107 – February 2018

The days of looking at catalytic converters as “Fun Money,” are quickly coming to an end.  There are many reasons for this new reality, but one of the biggest reasons for the change is that auto/metal recycler’s simply need to roll converter money back into the business to grow and stay alive.  The way forward means rethinking how things have been done in the past and moving toward toll refining solutions.  If your business is looking for ways to make the most money with your converter cores keep reading.

If you are still selling your catalytic converters by the piece, either by serial number or grade you are leaving money on the table.  It doesn’t matter if you are selling to a reputable core buying company or even a “larger converter buyer.”  The fact is if you sell “by the piece,” eventually those converters must be sold by toll refining.  How is it possible that you are getting more from a couple of guys in the white truck?

PMR Catalytic Converter Recycling has been offering toll refining solutions to suppliers big and small for many years now.  There is no other company in North America today that is able to offer toll refined results on 100 converters in less than 10 business days.  Making sure that money is going back into your business in the same market conditions that you are purchasing ELV’s and parts vehicles is a big bonus.

Further having the ability to project the revenue stream coming from your converters on a month to month basis also gives you more reliable data to make important business decisions.  With PMR’s Supplier Services Platform there are tools available that allow you to have an instant understanding of your converter inventory during day to day operations.

Speaking of converter inventory, these cores are one of the most valuable.  Having more internal controls with your converters lets everyone in the business know nothing will fall through the cracks. PMR’s Photo Grading systems allows recyclers to keep a picture record of each converter purchased or harvested and will offer you a real time value for the cores.  The value of the material is only shown to managers and owners.  When you are ready to ship the complete record of what is headed out the door is at your fingertips. 

Not only does PMR’s Supplier Services Platform bring security and purchasing information in one package it also stops your converters being double and triple handled.  All you need to do is harvest, inventory, box and ship.  If it is cash flow you are looking for advances can be made as soon as the product is on the truck.

Once the material arrives at a PMR facility every converter will be video graded and placed in line for processing.  You converters will be decanned and sampled as their own lot.  This means that your material will not be mixed and sampled with another company’s material.  Giving you precise feedback on your converters and the impact they have on your business revenue.

Our team can assist you from start to finish.  Saving you time and earning you more money with your converter stock.  If you can operate a smart phone you can take control of your converter inventory and profits.  PMR will answer your call.


Purchasing/ inventory tools and toll refining solutions with PMR – Contact us for more information.

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