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Our story is a long one, beginning back in 1996, and giving insight into how we ended up where we are today. We like to maintain complete visibility of our story to our customers as it’s one we’re proud of, and believe it gives our clients some intel into who we are as a company.

  • 1996-2000
  • 2000-2010
  • 2011-2015
  • 2016-2020
  • 2021-2022


PMR is born in Laval, Quebec in 1996, buying and selling by the piece. It then transitions to purchaser and decanner after buying its first shear to cut converters in 1998. By harvesting the valuable metals inside these converters, we were able to launch our company.


In 2002, PMR buys its first XRF machine and moves to a larger facility in Laval with 15 employees in the following year. PMR then expands and relocates in 2007 to an even larger facility in Boisbriand, Quebec and opens a second location in 2010 in Brampton, Ontario. Following the economic crisis only two years prior, this proved that despite hard times worldwide, we were still in a position where expansion was possible.


PMR purchases its first ICP machine in 2011 and in the following year deploys new technology, fully engineered in-house, to pay suppliers on assay results with the lowest minimum requirement in the industry (100 OEM converters). Two years later in 2014, PMR opens its third facility in Delray Beach, Florida and moves from its Brampton location to a larger facility in Mississauga, Ontario. In 2015, PMR deploys PMR ONE, a system used to manage and automate invoicing and historical data, track lots and arrange transport.


PMR deploys the SSP in 2016, a Supplier Services Platform with purchasing, evaluation and processing tools. The most popular tool is photo-grading. Two years later, PMR deploys the inventory box program, a new feature and tool used for securing and valuing inventory in a lot format. In the same year, PMR opens its fourth facility for foil processing, including novel machinery. In 2019, PMR moves to an even larger facility in Mississauga, increasing location size for the second time in Ontario. PMR now employs more than 100 individuals. In 2020, PMR deploys a new Trim Grading tool and expands Boisbriand Headquarters by 27,000 square feet.


Focusing efforts on business continuity and market leadership, PMR decides to consolidate materials to increase productivity.

In 2022, PMR heavily invests in a brand-new facility consisting of 50,000 square feet located in Mirabel, Quebec. The facility is dedicated to research and development activities, enabling PMR to provide additional services in the near future. In the same year, PMR also invests in expanding foil processing capabilities in Vegas to reduce current logistic expenses for foil suppliers and improve processing efficiencies overall

Subsequently, production within Canada is consolidated at PMR’s Quebec locations located in Boisbriand and Mirabel and production in the Unites States is consolidated at PMR’s Vegas location.

PMR remains committed to innovation and continues companywide efforts to create the greatest opportunities for suppliers moving forward.

We’re thankful to all of the people who’ve helped us along the way, and welcomed even more clients and customers as we launch forward into the future.

Partnering with PMR

“Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

At PMR, we make sure collaboration is a two-way street. Our team is dedicated to working with our suppliers to ensure we keep developing tailored tools and systems that transform and evolve with market needs. We understand that individual commitment from each and every one of us is what is required to support the continued growth and development of our partnership with you, our suppliers.

Our team truly believes that to accomplish great things means helping somebody else achieve success first and that is why we consistently push ourselves outside of our comfort zone to help change the industry status-quo. While others are preaching “it can’t be done”, we interrupt with producing results and delivering all the possibilities of perseverance and hard work.

While the world is changing and moving fast, it is our job to make sure we are just as fast in evolving with the times. We promise to continue our pioneering journey while staying true to our customer-focused mantra.

Partner with a processor committed to your progress.


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