What Converters Mean to Auto Recyclers in the “New Normal.”

What Converters Mean to Auto Recyclers in the “New Normal.”

Published in: Canadian Auto Recyclers Magazine 2021, page 99

Montreal Nov 2020 – Frankly I really dislike the term, “New Normal” and all the implications that has; however, there is really no other way to describe what has been far from the norm. We have all had to adjust our regular business practices due to COVID-19, both in how we work with our customers and internally in our shops. The one bright spot in the Automotive Recycling world has been the record high prices for catalytic converters. While we all can agree it’s great to get more for cats the double-edged reality is the cost of ELV’s, and parts cars have been driven up too.

Auto Recyclers that have a solid understanding of converters, beyond what their core buyer tells them, have been able to stay ahead of the rest. Having the ability to accurately forecast converter values to car purchases today is often what is making the difference in keeping the doors open.

PMR is the leader when it comes to educating Auto Recyclers about converters. The online tools our suppliers have access to and expert consultation available means we can deliver all the information you need to stay ahead of your competition at your scale and the auction. “New Normal,” with converter pricing today means that junk cars that used to be purchased for 2-300$ are now selling for 900$ and more. Being confident that you have 700$ worth of converter profit in the car is essential.

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Material separation by PMR grader.

Perhaps more critical than knowing how to correctly factor in converter values to car buying, is the assurance that you will actually get the anticipated converter income. PMR has you covered, with our ability to offer toll refined values on lots of converters starting at 100 regular mixed units. Being able to buy and sell in the same market is another essential for survival in the “New Normal.”

We understand that car purchasing decisions need to be made quickly, PMR has been able to level up our suppliers with a number of innovative online, real time tools. Our Photo Grading tool allows users to have real time converter pricing in 60 seconds or less. You know the serial numbers of the converters on the car? Access over 22,000 converter values instantly. How many converters are in stock now? Our online inventory system provides next level material accountability and updated in-stock converter values for managers and owners.

PMR has been in the converter business for more than 20 years. We understand the needs and concerns of Auto Recyclers today. Changing how you sell your converters is often a big decision, not to be taken lightly. Understanding your concerns was one of the reasons we developed a service called Video Grading; even before the “New Normal.” Our expert graders can evaluate your converters by video call. We will wire money direct into your account when the shipment is on the truck and make a balance adjustment 10 days later from the toll refining process. No risk of COVID and no risk to your converter revenue, PMR is the original long distance purchaser.

At PMR the “New Normal,” means educating and consulting with our clients to help them navigate the ever-evolving converter world and how it affects the bottom line in their businesses. We are able to provide a consistent and transparent baseline for all your converter needs. That consistency of service has elevated our clients ahead of their local competitors. Let PMR make your “New Normal,” as profitable as possible in a world where not much is normal anymore.

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Published: March 10, 2021
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